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We’re here to help your church…

We’re here to help your church with an on air broadcast during this trying time Not only can your congregation hear you but you can encourage 1000’s of others.

At 1630 KKGM, we want to help you stay connected with your church family. As we all know, gatherings of more than 10 people are not allowed, and that includes church services. Many churches are turning to online video streaming and Facebook live.

Lots of times there are technical issues with those and sometimes for the technically challenged it’s hard to grasp. That’s where we come in. Record your sermon, worship team and announcements, send it to us,
and we will play it on the radio. That’s pretty simple and it’s a way that has been working for almost 100 years.  You can be assured that everyone in your church family knows how to play the radio. Not only will you reach YOUR church members, but thousands of others in the Metroplex with the uplifting news of Jesus.

Learn more about broadcasting on air but we can help you online too!

If you would like to know more, send an
email to jake@1630kkgm.com.