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The Prophecy Club


Monday – Friday: 11:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Today, The Prophecy Club’s basic message of biblical prophecy and warning remains. The new direction isholding crusades where Stan and Leslie Johnson are the featured speakers. Historically, crusades were organized to take back geographical territories for God. Today, The Prophecy Club holds a crusade every three to six weeks, thus taking back spiritual territory in this country for the Kingdom of God. Typically, these crusades last for three and a half days.

During The Prophecy Club crusades, people are set free to praise and worship the Lord. They receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, discover the call of God on their lives through personal prophecy, and come eto accept God’s anointing for their lives. With every crusade, people find themselves with a greater ability to walk in the power of God: to prophesy, to heal the sick, to intercede in prayer, to be set free from past sins, and to become more Christ-like.

The Prophecy Club is ready for all that God has planned for this life-changing ministry. During one four-year period of ministry, The Prophecy Club saw 3,140 new commitments to Christ and nearly 24,000 people rededicate their lives to the Lord. However, with God’s help, The Prophecy Club expects to accomplish even more for His Kingdom!

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