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Southwest Radio Ministries


Monday – Friday: 3:00 AM – 3:30 AM,
9:00 AM – 9:30 AM
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 10:30 AM  

Southwest Radio Church of the Air began in April 1933, when Dr. E. F. Webber, pastor of a local church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, preached a prophetic message over a local radio station, KTOK. His radio program was his radio church—thus the name, Southwest Radio Church.

As the storm clouds of war began to rise over Europe and Asia, Dr. Webber was convinced that the world was entering the last generation. The format of the daily program was:

  • Evangelism—Broadcast the good news that Jesus Christ came to save sinners.
  • Prophecy—Signs of the time indicate that Jesus is returning soon.
  • Missions—Raise funds to support missionaries in foreign countries.
  • Teaching—Teach the Word to discipleship believers.
  • Publish—Supplement preaching with sound Christian book dissemination.
  • Contend for the faith—Confront and oppose apostasy within the churches.
  • Encourage—Support other ministers who need to be heard.

Dr. David F. WebberFrom 1933 to the present time, this ministry format has not changed.

In 1959, Dr. Webber was taken home to be with the Lord.

David Webber, Dr. Webber’s son, and Noah Hutchings, who had joined the ministry in 1951, continued the radio broadcast. Southwest Radio Church subsequently grew from a regional ministry to an international Christian organization, heard in the United States daily from coast to coast. David resigned from the Board of Trustees in 1988.

Noah HutchingsFrom 1988 to the present Noah Hutchings has carried on the ministry. Rev. Hutchings as served as both president and radio host since that time. He  has written dozens of books and booklets on prophecy and other bible themes.

Rev. Hutchings has also been active in missions and communications ministries for over 40 years and is recognized for being a world traveler, leading tours to Israel, Iraq, Egypt, Europe, Russia, China, Mongolia, and many other nations around the world.

Southwest Radio Ministries continues as the oldest, daily communications ministry in the world. It is financially supported by freewill contributions from our listeners, Christian foundations, and churches. The goal of the ministry is to stay on the air until Jesus comes for us in the air.