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    Meet John Roberts

    John Roberts has spent over 30 years in show business working as an actor on the stage, on television, as a radio personality, and as a public speaker. Currently John is a radio personality with Stretch Productions. He and his longtime friend from WBAP in Fort Worth Cami Bradley are the hosts of the weekly nationally syndicated radio show “Come Praise the Lord.”

    Over his career John has been the recipient of numerous Outstanding Performance and Leadership Awards.

    John earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech/Drama from Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth. Other training, he has completed includes Television Studio Production, Portable Television Production and Television Editing.

    John Roberts started his show business career as an actor with Casa Manana Summer Musicals in Fort Worth where he played the role of “Nacum the Beggar” in the Broadway musical “Fiddler on the Roof.” Oher musicals he has performed in are; “Wish You Were Here” and “Call Me Madam.” John also worked as an actor with the Fort Worth Opera Association where he performed in their productions of “La Bohme” and “The Merry Widow.” He has performed in numerous comedic roles in Broadway dramas such as “Count Dracula”, “Picnic” and “I Never Sang for My Father.”

    For three years John was the host and producer of an award winning weekly cable television show in Dallas. He has been a featured guest on a variety of television shows and he has appeared in and been the voice in numerous television and radio commercials over the past 30 years.

    John is most noted for his distinctive voice, versatility, quick wit and sense of humor. He loves people, is easy to talk to, confident, interesting, out-going and fun to be around.


    Meet Cami Bradley

    Cami Bradley’s vast media background includes DJ and Broadcast Meteorologist at multiple Dallas/Fort Worth radio stations (including 50,000-watt clear-channel WBAP), as well as camera operator and voice-over work at KXAS-TV/NBC Channel 5 in Fort Worth. She is the operator of KATZ Radio; a Christian-Community radio station based out of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. The station is owned by Stretch Productions – a tenured media team comprised of Cami Bradley and her husband of 28 years, Randy. In mid-2015, Cami and Randy began to expand their home production suite into the radio realm to accommodate the station’s 24/7 broadcast.

    In November 2015, the station went live and its vast library of music and programming has continued to expand daily. “I had done weather for an AM station in San Antonio several years ago. And last year they contacted me, hoping I would do a Christian music show for them,” Bradley says. I didn’t want to because there are so many of them already out there. At that time, just as a hobby, I was uploading music and videos to Facebook of the older Sagamore Hill music. I was shocked at the amount of notes I began receiving from folks older than 35, saying what memories it brought back! So we decided to turn it into a radio program. We even purchased a retro-radio board, as I want it to be vintage all the way!”

    Also in 2015 – but before the inception of KATZ Radio – Cami joined forces with her former radio partner John Roberts and began their original one-hour radio program titled Come Praise The Lord. It wasn’t long after the show’s launch that Cami had the KATZ Radio dream of 24/7 airplay in the form of a station. The station was to mirror the show’s format; featuring Christian-Classics (oldies) that no other stations are actively highlighting. Yes, there are “oldies” stations and shows, but not in the Christian music format. The core of the music library’s content focuses on Southern Gospel and Contemporary Christian music. But, the main focus of KATZ Radio is the local tie-in to the DFW area churches, as well as featuring both rising and established artists.

    Bradley and Roberts received ample press attention for their recent media endeavors, including a front cover story + four-page spread in a spring 2016 edition of Fort Worth Weekly. Currently, Bradley is importing special tapes donated to KATZ from some important historical radio and TV stations in the DFW metroplex, ranging from seven minutes to an hour in length. And although KATZ is mostly music – they are also working to integrate teaching slots.